Since its inception LOGIX Insulated Concrete Forms has been used across North America to build thousands of energy-efficient, durable and comfortable homes and commercial buildings of every shape and size.

In the last decade, we’ve witnessed the emergence of the rising Green Building tide which has changed the face of construction in Canada.  Construction methods have been revolutionized, building codes are becoming more stringent and, now, net-zero homes and buildings have emerged as the cutting edge of green building.

Net-zero builders gravitate to LOGIX because they need durable super-energy efficient building envelopes that are quick and easy to build.  Many net-zero homes have already been built using LOGIX.  Although every home is different and every builder and designer has their own unique approach, along the way we’ve gained considerable insight into the best practices for net-zero building.

The Definition of “Net-Zero”

A net-zero house produces as much energy as it consumes on an annualized basis.


Logix’s unique, so-many-in-one assembly means homebuilders can build houses faster, with fewer call-backs, and can even build their own basements instead of subbing them out.


Building with Logix is easy. Fewer trades are required for greater on-site efficiency; only simple handset tools are required, saving the need for heavy and expensive equipment; and it’s winter-friendly so you can build year-round and spend less on winter heat & hoarding costs.

Logix Pro

These fully assembled blocks feature rugged 2 3/4” foam panels for a typical wall assembly R-value of R25.


Logix KD

These unassembled knockdown forms ship flat to minimize freight costs.


Logix XP-1

XP-1 is a self-aligning complete solution for ICF walls with exposed concrete.



This wide range of smart accessory products supports all your Logix builds and creates a diverse system that provides a functional and seamless installation process.


Product Lines

6 in 1 Construction

Six construction steps in one simple package! Building with Logix helps save valuable time on the job site, helping you reduce labor costs during your build.


Net-Zero Level Energy Savings

Save up to 50% in energy savings when you build with two thick panels of continuous insulation, an airtight wall assembly, and the thermal mass of concrete.


Exceptional Comfort

Enjoy the comfort of a Logix home with NO drafts or cold spots, NO harmful off-gases, and healthy walls that offer NO nutrient source for mold growth.


FEMA Approved Resilience

Protect the future of your home with built-in weather resiliency including protection from wind, fire, earthquakes, and damaging moisture build-up.