What is TERRAFOAM Expanded Polystyrene from Beaver Plastics?

TerrafoamExpanded Polystyrene (EPS) is a very dense bead of polystyrene at its raw stage, and a highly versatile material in today’s industrial workplace. From insulating interior and exterior walls to roofing and insulating under concrete and asphalt roadways, this grain of plastic is an innovative necessity in our lives.

By adding steam, “Beaver Plastics” expands polystyrene beads from sugar-grain size to about 5 millimeters in diameter creating a product that is nearly 98% air. Terrafoam contains ordinary air, not refrigerant gases which means that insulating properties do not degrade over time and it is environmentally friendly. It is 100% recyclable.

We stock a variety of “Beaver Plastics” Terrafoam products including Terrafoam EPS, Terrafoam High-Strength, and Void Form products (Dynaflex and Frost Cushion). Available for today’s residential, commercial, civil and infrastructure construction projects.

Terrafoam EPS
Terrafoam HS
Void Form